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Adult and Pediatric Critical Care - Everything You Need to Know

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Stabilize your critical care revenue with the information in this comprehensive eBook. You’ll learn which services can and can’t be billed as critical care – just because a patient was in the ICU doesn’t mean a doctor provided critical care. Written in plain English for practice managers, coders, auditors and other medical professionals, this resource is packed with detailed citations from official CMS, MAC, and CPT source documents that regulate both adult and pediatric critical care. It is delivered immediately as a downloadable eBook (PDF).

Critical care services are life-saving for patients and a crucial source of revenue for hospitalists and physicians of all specialties, including non-physician providers. But denial rates for both adult and pediatric critical care services are high, and the rules are complicated. What makes a patient critical? Which interventions would be acceptable for billing as critical care? What activities count towards the time-based critical care codes, and are providers required to stay at a patient’s bedside?

You’ll get the definitive answers to all these questions, ensuring that you always collect proper reimbursement for life-saving critical care services. You’ll also learn to avoid all the common mistakes that cause providers to bill for critical care when the work they did doesn’t qualify for it. Packed with official CMS and CPT source documents and quick reference cards for adult and pediatric care, this eBook is your one-stop solution for critical care billing questions.

This eBook will give you expert guidance on how to
  • Improve revenue by ensuring full payment for services that qualify as critical care
  • Properly bill for critical care in complex situations, such as patients who require sporadic care over multiple days or critical patients who are seen by multiple providers including non-physicians
  • Bill for neonatal and pediatric critical care, which are daily codes with their own unique requirements and guidelines
  • Avoid overbilling when services fail to meet the standard required for critical care

  • 28-page guide explaining adult and pediatric critical care codes + 180 pages of supporting source documents, presentations, and Q&As
  • Quick reference cards for adult and pediatric critical care to quickly determine whether services meet the requirements for critical care
  • 10 clinical scenarios to test your critical care billing knowledge, plus detailed rationales that explain the correct answers

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