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CEMA Certification Exam

CEMA Certification Exam

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Have the opportunity to take our certification exam to become a Certified Evaluation & Management Auditor (CEMA)

The Exam
The exam is a timed,130 question test that must be completed during the 4 hour time limit. The exam includes 10 patient encounters that must be audited by the examiner. These encounters have 13 corresponding multiple choice questions regarding the audited findings. A passing score of 70% is required.

Testers may use:
- NAMAS Auditing Manuals (either edition)
- CPT Book
- One Audit Tool
- 1995/1997/CMS Guidelines

Testing Qualifications:
- Must be a current NAMAS Member
- 2 Years of E&M coding/auditing experience
- Attest to reading 1995/1997 Documentation Guidelines within the past 90 days
- Current coding certification is strongly encouraged
* Certain qualification are waived for attendees of the E&M Auditing BootCamp

Maintaining the Certification
Our goal at NAMAS is to make maintaining your certification simple. CEUs are about ensuring application and continuing education in E&M auditing.

Valid forms of CEUs are:

- Approved NAMAS Training Events

- AHIMA/AAPC CEUs that are specific to auditing and/or E&M services

- CEU Exchange Program: Many organizations require QA of their auditors, and NAMAS views this process as continued education and improvement of your knowledge and skill base to act as CEUs. Full information available on our website soon, but the following guide indicates the exchange rate:

95% Precision Rating=   5 CEUs

90% Precision Rating=   4 CEUs

85% Precision Rating=   3 CEUs

80% Precision Rating=   2 CEUs

<79% Precision Rating= 1 CEU

Testing Options:

OnSite: Take the exam during one of our scheduled 2-day onsite bootcamp sessions: $199
Online: Take the exam online through our third party proctoring service: $234 ($199 exam fee plus $35 online proctoring fee)

NAMAS has partnered with Remote Proctor Now to administer and proctor the Certified Evaluation & Management Auditor Certification Exam. Prior to logging into take the Certified Evaluation & Management Auditor exam, please ensure that your computer is equipped with the following:

Computer Type
Please note that Tablets, Hybrid Devices and Mobile Devices are not supported

Operating System
Your computer must be equipped with one of the following operating systems:
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
  • MAC 10.10, 10.11, 10.12
Required Plug-Ins
You must have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed on your computer

Connection Speed
Your computer must have at least 200kb/s upload speed or greater

Date and Time
Your computer must be accurately set for your local time zone

Webcam& Microphone
For proctoring purposes, your computer must be equipped with a webcam and
microphone. You may use either a built-in webcam and microphone or an external
webcam and microphone, but please note that external cameras on MACs are not
NOTE: Online exam option is subject to an additional $35 online proctoring fee

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